Environmental & Safety Policy

Environmental Policy
industry addressed the negative impact that traditional fossil fuels are having on our environment so we minimise our carbon footprint wherever possible.

  1. Our fleet is under 3 years old, well maintained
  2. The mainstay of our fleet is the Toyota Prius. Click its name to read about this bio fuelled vehicle.
  3. We have a company policy of using biodegradable and recycled products whenever possible!

We are also looking into carbon offsetting and further alternative fuels, so watch this space.

Finally we support the work of the Gold Seal Project who provide inner city education programs in inner city London.

Safety Policy
At Abbey Cars (UK) Ltd we have a meticulous approach to all aspects of passenger safety and see the driver and vehicle as two component elements which must be able to interact as one.

Our safety policy and accident contingency Policy includes:

  • Meticulous vehicle maintenance policy with strict adherence to manufacturers service schedules.
  • The use of government approved licensed drivers.
  • Experienced chauffeurs with extensive driving experience.
  • Advanced CRB checks. (Link CRB to http://www.crb.gov.uk/)
  • £5 million Public Liability cover.
  • Breakdown recovery / onward travel for passengers.
  • Annual Private Hire testing for our vehicles.
  • Local authority registration.
  • Private hire operating license.
  • Regular driver breaks to eliminate fatigue.
  • Quality overnight accommodation for the driver.